The kinder story –

The story goes that one of the  bishop in Iceland in the early 18th century visited Denmark and got to meet the Danish queen ( who was from Germany at the time and only spook German ) the bishop spoke a little German but vas not fluent.

The queen vas very nice and spoke to the bishop about his family and wanted to know how many children he had. Now, in German children is „kinder“ , but in Icelandic „kindur“ means sheep. So the bishop told the queen that he had 50 „kindur“ ( sheep ), the queen thought that was a lot but the bishop told her that that vas nothing because some of the farmers around him had a lot more from 200 to 300 „kindur“ ( sheep ).

The queen at this point was very startled and when the bishop went on to tell her what Icelanders did with all their „kindur“  ( sheep) he soon realized that he had made rather big mistake by mixing the German „kinder“ with the Icelandic „kindur“

„Stúlkukindin“(stúlka – girl, kind- sheep) is an affectionate name for a little girl